SGJ GEMS is a professional gemstone cabochons and semi precious stone cabochons manufacturer and wholesaler in Guangzhou, China. We have highly trained and skilled cutters, they can cut high precision calibrated and designer cabochons. Even the stones are harder and softer than common stones, or smaller or larger than normal cabochons, we can cut it at highly precision, and the cabochons of our stones have been used on costume jewelry, vintage jewelry, fashion jewelry, designer jewelry, mechanical watches, belts, bags, etc.

We can meet different demands and requirements of making jewelry, fashion accessories, gifts and instruments which need to use cabochons. The cabochons can be flat bottom, and smooth dome, or checkerboard facet dome, also can be flat bottom, and flat top, fancy cut flower cabochons, carved cabochons, diamond cut cabochons, some fancy shapes freeform cabochons.

Size of Our Cabochons :

The smallest cabochons we can make is 2 mm and 3 mm, and the largest freeform cabochons we can make is 80-100 mm, mostly made with natural stones.

Types of Cabochons :

Our cabs products mostly are calibrated cabs, freeform cabs, and designer cabs. These 3 type of cabochons are widely used in fashion jewelry and fine jewelry making components and for jewellery making findings.

Calibrated cabochon is the standard size and high precision size and shape of cabs. For example, 20*15*6 mm oval cabochon, that is an oval shape cabochon, in standard oval shape, and length is 20 mm, width is 15 mm, with a thickness 6 mm. With a metal ring setting or mountings, or mold, we can fit it perfectly and seamless on the jewelry mold. What’s more, with the mold, we can cut all the stones in the same shape and size, to fit the same mold, and same size mold. No matter what the quantity is, from 1 pc to 1000000 pieces, we have all the confidence.

For the calibrated cabs that are used to fit with the mold, no matter what shape it is, we can control the tolerance to be within 0.1 mm. We have successfully cut calibrated cabochons in round shape, oval shape, cushion shape, square and rectangle shape, triangle and trillion shape, marquise shape, pear shape, octagon shape, star shape, cross shape, heart shape, rose flower shape, clover shape, bridge shape, peanut shape, etc. Some of them are very difficult to make, and with very high skills and complicated crafts.

Designer cabochons are cabochons with a certain shape and size decide by the designer of the jewelry. He may design a possible idea shape and size, or pattern, and we are doing our best to make them come true. Generally, a designer cabochons are in particular shape, and color, or pattern of the stones, to make the jewelry look unique and different.

Freeform cabochons are cabochons that are cut without a certain shape and size. Every piece will be different. The shape and size are freely cut depend on the stone material pattern and color.

For the cabochons, it can be made with birthstone cabochons, with garnet cabochon rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, Amethyst cabochon engagement wedding rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, Bloodstone jasper cabochon rings, and pendants, Opal cabs, turquoise and blue topaz cabochons, citrine and ruby, onyx cabochons, jade and bloodstone, aquamarine and sapphire, agate and moonstone, sardonyx and carnelian, tourmaline and peridot cabochons and cabochon setting jewelry.

The semi precious stone cabochons are widely used in making cabochon jewelry such as rings, earrings, pendant and charms, necklaces and bracelets, also can make into gemstone tiaras, cuff links, and tie bar, brooches, hair jewelry such as hair pins, hair clip, etc. Also are widely used in fashion belts making, fashion handbags making, fashion cosmetic packing boxes and bottles making, designer guitar band making, gemstone pen and crafts making, fashion shoes and garment making, fashion watches making.

Besides cabochons cut from our stock gemstone and semi precious stone minerals and fossils, we can also cut stone materials from the customers, from all over the world. Mostly, customers minded the stone mineral materials from their local mountain and mines quarry, with typical local characters, and send the materials to us for cutting, into different type of cabochons, beads, carvings, pendant and charms, loose facet gemstones, and gemstone crafts, such as guitar picks, angels, spheres and eggs, ashtray, cigar pipes, stone chess, stone dice.