I just received the parcel!
Everything is good! Thank you,
Eleonore from France, Dec 20, 2013

Riecon — we were very pleased with this latest shipment from you. It was great to have many picks made from the rough (maybe due to the new worker?), and the picks were made with perfect dimensions and were polished well. The A and AB lapis, of the lapis picks, was a good quality. The cabs that we sent back to you were re-made very well.
Thanks, Chet Oct 28,2013

The package arrived safely today. It got stuck at customs for one day but it was no problem.
Thank you again.
Jeff from Japan Dec 11 2013

I have received eggs. Good packaging. many thanks.
I had to pay 60 $ fees… :-(( It is the reason i would like package by china post normal.
Eggs are good quality, many thanks.
Fraoncoise from France Dec 18 2013

Hi Riecon,
How are you?
I am looking for new designs, the rings you made are all sold and we want to add something new to our collection.
I was wondering if you can make some samples for me (of coure I pay for the samples)
Sharon from Netherlands Oct 2 2013

Have a good day.
Today we have received the goods. I like the rings very much, they are perfect.
Suzan from France Jun 30 2007

Thank you for your email
The pendulums arrived in good conditions, and really perfect ovoids you have crafted.
Lynda from United Kingdom Nov 25 2007

Hi Riecon,
I just wanted to let you know that i am back now and had a chance to look over the 4 types of pendants you made for me.
The Flourite & Red goldstone turned out FANTASTIC J- Thanks for those great stones !
Calvin from Canada Mar 13 2013

Honest And good seller! I recommend! Stones very beautiful and high quality! I LOVE THEM!
NATALIA A.§ DEC 24 2013

Thank you! The rings arrived with no problem and fit the person they were for nicely. Happy Thanksgiving and you helped me make it a very early Merry Christmas. Xie Xie.
Earl M from United States NOV 25 2013

Xie Xie. Yes, thank you very much. I was so surprised with the jasper ring, but amazed at the beautiful heart shaped rose quartz ring. My love one now has rings made by you that can be alternated with business clothes. Happy Thanksgiving. You have helped make this a wonderful early Merry Christmas.
Earl from United States Jan 18 2013

All received. Everything is super. The quality is excellent. Thank you very much for your business!
Elena from Russia Nov 21 2013

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