Super Natural Gemstone Jewelry Co.,Ltd is a China Guang zhou gemstone lapidary cutting manufacturer, which specialized in gemstone and semi precious stone cutting for more than 15 years, we have highly skilled semi precious stone cutters and gemstone jewelry craftsman to make the nicely cut gemstones into fashion jewelry and costume jewelry.

It’s much more economic to buy the items cut from our own rough stone materials, however, some customers preferred their own stone material from their local area to be cut into jewelry pieces, so they would probably deliver their rough stones by ocean cargo, by courier, or by post office air mail, to our factory for the cutting project. Many of them have successfully delivered tons and containers of rough gemstones and semi precious stones for lapidary cutting. These stone materials are mostly for beads cutting, for cabochon cutting, for carving cutting, for crafts cutting, and for tiles cutting. We have customers from Australia, from USA, from Canada, from south America and from Africa who have delivered by 20 feet container mixed rough stones for long term lapidary gemstone cutting project and service.

We have professional and highly skilled craftsman and workers, and production manager to make sure that all these rough stones are corrected cut, and well treated, to make sure the high yielding, and the best quality can be get from the rough stones delivered. And make sure each single pieces are used up, not wasted.

We have been offering gemstone cutting service for customers who have mined rough semi precious stones from their local mountains and quarry. The gemstones we have cut are Iolite from Yemen, Nephrite Jade from Yemen, Rhodocrosite from Peru, Amazonite from Canada, top grade blue labradorite from Canada Quebec, Labradorite from Canada, Scapolite rough from Canada, Eudialyte from Canada, Nephrite from USA, Blue Opal from USA, Agate and Jasper from USA, Moss Opal from USA, Dendritic Agate from USA, Oregon Sunstone from USA, Rainbow Obsidian from USA, Rhodonite from USA, Mahagony Obsidian from USA, Amethyst from USA, Citrine from USA, Golden Rutilated Quartz from USA, Malachite and Lapis from USA, England Agate from UK, Thulite a manganese Zoisite from Norway, Gabbro from Norway, Eclogite from Norway, Larvikite from Norway, Purple Opal from USA, Lime stone from Croatia, Larimar from Dominican Republic, Boulder Opal from Australia, Fire Opal from Australia, Chrysoprase from Australia.

Gemstone cutting is a highly professional work, if you want to send your rough stones for cutting, you have to find a reliable and professional gemstone factory to carry on the project, and make sure they know well how to cut stones with different hardness, and different character. How to bring out the best color, and pattern inside of the stones.

If work in high volume rough stones, they also have to understand well of how to import the stones from overseas, and how to clean the customs, what to do in advance to avoid any delay or too high tax to be charged. We are all familiar with these areas and procedure, we know better than anyone else in this field.