There are many different styles of gemstone, semi precious stone beads bracelets, bracelets bangles and charm bracelets. The gemstone charms and beads combined with leather, sterling silver, stainless steel and magnetic steel materials, which gives those bracelets new meanings.

Add Charms by Wearing Our Designer Shape Bracelets

Gemstone and semi precious stone beads bracelets in round shape, facet round, cube, tube and cylinder, roundel and drum, barrel and rice, tear drop and briolette, rectangle and square, start and heart, nugget and chips, disc and free shape, etc. And these beads are made from rainbow obsidian, turquoise, black onyx, botswana agate, dendrite agate, moss agate, red carnelian, blue chalcedony, lava stone, abalone shell, black shell, amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, citrine, lemon quartz, tourmaline, apatite, kyanite, beryl, aquamarine, garnet, peridot, ruby zoist, black spinel, sodalite, unakite, lapis lazuli, malachite, etc, these stones are very popular to make beads bracelets. We also have long string bracelets, which are around 80 cm, which can surround the wrist for 3 circles.


Types of Charm Bracelets :

Charm & beads bracelets with gemstone and semi precious stone charms and pendants, such as cross charm, skull charm bracelets, animal carving charms, flower carving charms, leaf carving charms, restro snake charm, love pendant charm, spike charm, infinite charm bracelet, vintage and owl charm bracelet. Generally, a charm bracelet will use one or more of these stone charms, some are together with other beads, and materials, and some are in slide charms and side charms.

Cuff and Bangle Bracelets, brass cuff bracelets with semi precious stone setting on the cuff, and also pave stone beads on the cuff,inlay MOP mother of pearl, turquoise, black onyx, red carnelian, crystal and quartz, onto the cuff of the bracelets. And natural agate stone bangles, jade bangles, and jasper bangles, crystal and quartz bangles for bracelets. And we can make wrap cuff bracelets and wrap semi precious stone bangles.

Leather Gemstone Bracelets, if you are looking for leather bracelet, punk jewelry, or spike jewelry, we have leather bracelets with round leather cord,flat leather cord, and braided leather cord, these leather cord can be mixed with magnetic clasp and magnetic bracelet connector, and jewelry findings and components, to make into magnetic bracelet. We can also add steel clasp and connector to the leather material, so the bracelets will be magnetic steel bracelet.

Sterling Silver Bracelets, sterling silver chain with gemstone and semi precious stone beads and charms. Also, we can make 925 sterling silver charms with LOGO engraved.

Stainless Steel Bracelets with gemstone and semi precious stone beads, pendants and charms on the bracelets are best gift for men. These stainless steel bracelet is very strong and attractive, and it can be multi functional bracelet with stainless steel watch band, watch face with both function of watch and bracelets.

Shamballa Bracelets, these bracelets are stretchable bracelet with shinning shamballa crystal beads, with China knots on the end to control the length of bracelets, it’s favorite by men and women, girls and boys. We have a wide collection to replace the shamballa crystal beads with natural semi precious stone beads, and gemstone beads, both round beads and facet round beads.

For the bracelets, we are able to offer shamballa, China Knots, retro snake, cross, Pandora, skull, cuff, love, spike, infinity, rhinestone sideways cross, hello kitty, crystal, magnetic, silver, wrap, vintage , snake, anchor, 925 silver, silicone, pearl bracelet, connectors for bracelets, bracelet watch, owl, leather slice bracelet, crystal and agate bangle, now we are preparing for our 2014 new design bracelets collections.