We engaged in loose gemstones and color gemstones cutting at the first time when jewelry industry starts from China mainland from zero till now, which have been a great industry which now plays an import role in the world color gemstones and jewelry making industry.

For loose gemstone cutting, we have cutters which are skilled in concave cut, brilliant cut, check board cut, cabochon cut and fancy cut, and the shape can be octagon, princess, trillion, round, oval, marquise, pear, trillion, cushion square etc., we can cut the girdle diameter, girdle thickness, table width, crown height, pavilion depth, and culet very precisely.

We select gem grade rough gemstones to cut into these treatment, and these well cut stones are sold by carat.


The color gemstones and loose gemstones we are cutting, mostly are aquamarine, apatite, amethyst, citrine, swiss blue topaz, London blue topaz, sky blue topaz, lemon quartz, sapphire, ruby, emerald, tourmaline, Mozambique garnet, prehnite, tanzanite, iolite, kunzite, peridot, smoky quartz, clear quartz, green amethyst, rutilated quartz, green fluorite, blue fluorite, Ametrine quartz, cubic zirconia, yellow tourmaline, yellow sapphire, watermelon tourmaline, pink tourmaline, Tsavorite garnet, tourmalinated quartz, tektite, spessartine garnet, Corundum sapphire, Corundum ruby, Rubellite tourmaline, rose quartz, Rhodolite garnet, rhodochrosite, red beryl, rainbow mystic quartz, rainbow mystic topaz, Pyrope garnet, Champagne quartz, Whiskey quartz, Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl), Almandite garnet, Andalusite, Andradite Grossular, Benitoite, Bi-color quartz, Opal, Chrome Diopside, Calcite, Clinohumite, Cuprite, Danburite, Heliodor, Hessonite, Hiddenite, Kyanite, Indicolite, Malaya Garnet, Mandarin Garnet, Morganite, Moldavite Tektite, Orthoclase, etc, All of these are normal gemstones and semi precious stones, some are rare gemstones and minerals in the world.

Besides that, we can offer lapidary service and gemstone cutting service in China, to cut the rough gemstones offered by customers which we found in their local area, or buy in the bidding market, into facet cut loose gemstones.

Facet Cut Loose Gemstones & Their Use

For these facet cut loose gemstones, they are mainly used on precious jewelry, such as 14k gold jewelry, 18k gold jewelry and 24k gold jewelry, as these stones themselves are rare and expensive, so they are mostly used to make luxury fine jewelry, they are made in small quantity, but with very high and strict quality control. So most of these stones are cut as high quality as a diamond. Which are graded into IF, WS1, WS2, VS1, VS2, flawless to be eye clean, and Magnifier clean.