Over 15 years in gemstone cutting business, we have a team good at gemstone carvings which have cut all the scope of stone animal carvings, stone figure carvings, stone flower carvings, and ancient story theme carvings. They are widely used in home decoration, Feng shui, museum, gallery, Garden, and gifts shops.

For stone carvings, there are many different stone materials can be used in carving, such as agate stone carvings, jasper stone carvings, jade stone carvings, crystal and quartz stone carvings, obsidian stone carvings, many other color stones carvings.

Pouular Carvings

The most widely in the market are animal carvings, mountain animals and ocean animals, and sky flying bird animals, such as stone owl carvings, stone cat carving, stone dog carving, stone elephant carving, stone monkey carving, stone lion carving, stone tiger carving, stone panda carving, stone turtle carving, stone fish carving, stone dolphin carving, stone starfish carving, stone seahorse carving, stone whale carving, stone crocodile carving, stone snake carving, stone lizard carving.

Then comes the flowers, trees and leaf carvings. These flowers can be rose flower, clover flower, sunflower, and many other flowers, with an image, we can create a carving.

For the figure carving, like buddha carving, angel carving, and fairy story figure carving, fairy story theme carvings etc.

Beside the normal carvings, sometimes, we can carve vase, pen holder bottom, ashtray, China chess, World chess, carving crafts.

The contents of the carving can be animal, figure, story, also can be words, and LOGO, wishes, etc. They can be carved, also can be engraved.

These carvings are widely used in gift supplies, craft supplies, jewelry making, stone carving pendants, LOGO carving.


There are a special carving called cameo, which is a kind of carving on white MOP mother of pearl shell, and black MOP, mother of pearl black shell. There are beauty head engraved on the MOP surface, it can be made into vintage jewelry with mop cameo charms and pendants.

Nowadays, most cameo carving are carved or engraved with laser carving mold, only make the carving mold on the computer software, and it can engraved on natural semi precious stones and shells in large quantity at affordable prices. Beside cameo carving engraved on shell, now more and more cameo carving are engraved on carnelian and agate. And the contents of the carving are extended from cameo to more and more themes and contents. Such as buddha, Quan Yin, angels, Moai, bible stories, cross, etc.