Super Natural Gemstone Jewelry Co.,Ltd is growing up and expanding from a gemstone and semi precious stone cutting and craft manufacturer company. We produce various gemstone and semi precious stone crafts and gifts for craft, gifts and Fengshui supplies.

Our Stone Crafts

The semi precious stone crafts we can produce are tumbled stones, stone hearts, stone carving sets, birthstones, stone eggs, stone spheres, stone cigar ashtray, stone chess, stone dice, stone guitar picks, crystal quartz stone massage wands, healing stones, healing crystal and quartz, healing crystal quartz points, stone pyramids, crystal quartz stone fountains, crystal quartz decoration trees, semi precious stone pendulums.


Use of Semi Precious Stone Crafts

Our stone crafts are widely used in home decoration, office and shop decoration, personal gifts and corporate business gifts, parties and gifts, craft components, gift components, crystal healing, crystal and gemstone energy bring, crystal healing cure.

For tumbled stones

, we have more than 200 different types of semi precious stones and minerals, with different color and inherited pattern, they can be roughly cut into freeform shape and sizes, around 18-25mm, 20-30mm and 30-50mm, with mixed colors and sizes, they can be decorated in fish aqua tank or in the gardens. These tumbled stones also can be engraved with LOGO, and words such as “welcome, faith, love”, also can be engraved with picture of image of people, or place, or story, or themes, etc, for parties and wedding anniversary.

For semi precious stone hearts, stone spheres and stone eggs

, we have from small to big size, 30 mm up to 300 mm. Rainbow obsidian puffy hearts, with rainbow color on 2 sides, can be displayed at office and shop, or can be displayed at home. Stone spheres, there are small crystal and quartz spheres, to big spheres, they can be placed on fountains, for feng shui. Stone eggs, also have many different sizes. And these stone hearts, spheres and eggs also can be drilled with a hole, with a cord or chain to get through. The stone spheres we have in stock available such as green aventurine sphere, rose quartz sphere, calcite sphere, amethyst sphere, black obsidian sphere, grey agate sphere, new jade sphere, white jade sphere, fluorite sphere, labradorite sphere.

Stone cigar ashtray

, we have cigar ashtrays made of different semi precious stones and jade material, and the cigar ashtray will be square shape, round shape, triangle shape, rectangle shape, etc. Size from 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch,8 inch.

Stone chess and stone dice

are American and European style, which is for international use. We can make them exactly the same as commonly used chess and dice style, with many different semi precious stones, such as jasper, jade, and agate, with particular color and pattern on each single piece.

Healing massage wands and crystal quartz cure points

, it was believed that most crystal and quartz, semi precious stones has a specific energy inside, so we can bring them out on body cure and healing with these crystal quartz and semi precious stone massage wands and points. They can be used in body massage and cure healing. Also can be used on daily energy and good luck.