Super Natural Gemstone Jewelry Co.,Ltd is a leading gemstone jewelry beads wholesale supplier in China. We wholesale gemstone beads and semi precious stone beads, charms beads, beading supplies and jewelry making components. We have been beads wholesale supplier for top beads wholesalers and importers in many countries, such as US, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Norway, Denmark and France.

Different Shapes & Size of Gemstone Beads

We wholesale beads in various shape and size, smooth and faceted beads, full drilled and half drilled beads, frosted matt polish and shinning polish, round, oval, nugget, facet nugget , machine cut nugget, cushion, square, cube, rectangle, swirl twisted, flower carved, animal carved, heart , clover, button, coin, rice, marquise beads, barrel beads, roundel beads, flat disc beads, pearl beads, briolette, tear drop, tube cylinder, troll beads big hole beads with silver core, fancy cut beads.

The size of the beads range from 2mm up to 60mm. Most of the shape and sizes can be customized tailor made.

We carry more than 150 different kind and type of gemstones, fossils and minerals. Our rough gemstones are imported from Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, Turkey, India, Australia, Srilanka, Russia and most of our rough gemstones are founded in South America and Africa.


List of Our Main Stones :

  • Agate beads – White, blue, red, black, sardonyx, Black stripe, purple, pink, Botswana, blue lace, crazy lace, grey, moss, India & Mexico Agate.
  • Amazonite – Russia, Madagascar & Chinese Amazonite.
  • Amber – Natural Amber & Amber Resin.
  • Amethyst-Dark, Light, Dog Teeth & Clear Amethyst.
  • Goldstone- Blue, Gold & Green sandstone.
  • Howlite – white, red, green, yellow, orange & black howlite.
  • Jade – new, lemon, white, milky, fuchsia, pink, blue , green, yellow, honey, purple, aqua blue, peach & violet jade.
  • Jasper – red, picture, kambaba, yellow, poppy, ocean, imperial & fancy jasper.
  • Turquoise – Natural, Stabilized, Dyed & Synthetic Turquoise.

Colorful Beads

They are rich in color, we can offer a wide range of color beads for different color series, such as gemstones beads of blue, purple, green, multicolor, red, purple, orange, pink, white and black color.

And among all these stones, the most popular are amethyst, amber, turquoise, lapis, coral beads, pearl beads, crystal and shell beads.

With the best quality of rough stones from all over the world, we can assure our quality of jewelry beads with the best colorful and characteristic of natural heritage from the earth. Our beads are widely used to make designer, handmade and costume jewelry.