An engagement ceremony marks the beginning of a new bond between a man and a woman. The exchange of rings is an important and inseparable part of the ceremony. Thus, buying the apt ring is of utmost necessity. In the past, diamond engagement rings were used in a large scale. However, nowadays people are looking for something unique and as well as precious. The popularity of gemstone engagement rings have increased at a tremendous rate over a decade or so. These engagement rings are available in wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and designs in both online as well as offline market.

Following are four types of rings that are aptly suited for engagement ceremonies.

1. Birthstones – Nowadays, all the major gemstone suppliers produce rings with birthstones engraved on it that reflect significant expression of love. Plus, each and every semi-precious and natural gemstone has specific meaning. You can also opt for those rings based on astrological signs.

2. Red Gemstones – These stunning gemstones are widely known to represent passion and love. Besides Ruby, there are other beautiful red gemstones such as tourmaline, spinel and red garnets. The Red Jade Facet Oval Cabochon rings are becoming increasingly popular these days.

3. Signifying royalty and décor – these stones are also a good option. These gemstones are quite durable therefore people prefer investing money in it. For those who are looking for special gemstone engagement rings, it is recommended to buy Blue Agate Pear Cut rings.

4. Green Gemstones– Some of the popular rings under this category includes Prehnite Oval Cabochon and Malachite Oval Cabochon rings. Both these green studded gemstone rings are beautifully crafted to represent love in the purest form.

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