Perfume are widely used in everyday life. And mostly we put perfume bottles at home, in the washing room, or on the cosmetic table. Do you imagine you can take the perfume bottle with you anywhere and use it any time ?  


We have developed such an amazing perfume pendant and charm series with natural gemstones and semi precious stones. This gemstone perfume pendant can make into many different style, round, oval, square, octagon, star shape, and fancy designer shape as well.


The most popular gemstone perfume bottle is facet cutting perfume bottles, with natural gemstone character and color, and the earth born pattern on the stone surface, the checker board facet cutting makes the surface shinning like a diamond. The natural gemstones, such as amethyst, rose quartz, lemon quartz, smoky quartz, amazonite, sodalite, tiger’s eye stone, white jade, green jade, nephrite jade, black onyx, grey agate, banded agate, white agate, pyrite, lapis lazuli, picture jasper, picasso jasper, unakite, black obsidian, Bronzite, Blue lace agate, Rainbow Fluorite, Rhodonite, Crystal quartz, Clear Quartz, Rock Crystal, Green Aventurine, Green Fluorite, White Howlite.


The gemstone perfume bottles are designed delicate and exquisite. Some has antique finish, and some has modern tone. Our craftsman cut big gemstone raw materials into blocks, and cut the blocks into perfume bottle shape, highly polishing the surface, and drilling hole at the center of the bottle. The mouth of the bottle will be sealed with a screw, and we cut another part of gemstones into a bottle cap. The bottle cap also in unique cutting style. With the other side of screw. At the center of the bottle, there is a stainless steel tube, so you can use tube on the bottle cap to inject perfume essential oil. You can inject the perfume oil into the perfume bottle with the tube. You can also take out the perfume oil from the bottle with the tube. Which makes it easy to use.




















As the bottle is connected with strong screw, it is solid and strong enough, can use very long time, even much longer than the ordinary perfume bottle at home. With this special design, you can take perfume with you anywhere easily, and use it anywhere any time easily and conveniently. What’s more, the perfume bottle pendant and charm can be used both for necklaces pendants and earring pendants. There are many different colors available. The unique design and material and the color, will make you stand out glorious and dazzling from the crowds. Focus and center of the show.


Except the perfume oil, the bottle can also contain essential oil, flavour oil, which can scatter charming smell. When you wear this unique gemstone perfume bottle pendant necklace in the work place, to join the party, or attend the show, Which makes you a very pleasant day.


See below photos of our gemstone perfume bottle pendant series, and feel free to pick up your favorite style. Have a try, you will be surprised and thrilled by the feeling.


SGJ GEMS always do our best to bring creative items and new designs to our customers. Enjoy.

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