After several months lockdown in most of countries which hit by Covid-19, people stay at home, can not go out. The sales of table game increased a lot. Several gemstone dices wholesaler and distributor increased their purchase volume from us.


We have crafted more than 10 years gemstone dices for Australian customers and US and Canada customers. I still remember the first time we made normal cube dices for customers, with many small dots on each faces. 1 dot, 2 dots, to six dots, customer only send a simple photo to show the shape, we found it’s the same as the dices we are using in China. So we make the same style and shape as Chinese dices. After production finish, we sent photo to customer to check and quality, customer was very happy with the quality, but pointed a fatal mistake. The dices we crafted are Chinese style dices, the single 1 dot side is larger than dots on the other sides. But American style dices, the 1 dot is the same size as other sides, they will not like those bigger one dot dices.


At that time, there are 2 options, first, remove the 1 dot side, grind the envrave dots to be flat and smooth, then engrave the new dot. But our engrave is too deep, if grind it to be flat, the actual sizes will be 1 mm thinner than the designed size. So we give up this option. The other option is throw these away, and start to produce new dices and engrave the dots. In this way, we can make sure to deliver perfect dices to customers. We explained the option to customer, and customer agreed. So we kept the wrong dices as stock, and produced new dices for customers.


Besides gemstone dices with dots on the 6 sides, we also produce gemstone dices with numbers, or special symbols engraved on the different sides.


Beside standard 6 sides dices, we also made lots of customized design dices, such as D&D gemstone dices. Which also called Dungeons & Dragons, it’s a very very famous game loved by so many people around the world. To make D&D gemstone dices is a challenger for most gemstone cutters and craftsman. As there are 7 different shapes in each D&D gemsttone dice sets. Such as triangle shape, which requires 4 sides with the same size triangle, should be exactly and perfect symmetrical. 8 sides dices, which looks like 2 pyramid shape glue together, but we use a whole stone to cut into this symmetry shape, there are 8 triangle sides, each side, each face, matches very well. 10 sides dices, looks like an umbrella on top and bottom, two umbrellas, each umbrella shape has 5 flat cone faces, so total 10 faces. Each faces the same shape and size.  


12 sides dices, which looks like a football shape, with 12 sides, each face and each side is a pentagon shape, to make the perfect shape and perfect symmetry, we need complicated calculation to get the best size. Point to point, face to face, side to side.


20 sides dices, which looks like a merkaba shape, with 20 triangle small faces. Each triangle faces with the same size and shape, share the same side. This is the most difficult shape to make. After cut raw gemstones materials into these special shape, and polish them to make them shiny, we have to engrave numbers and symbols on these small faces, after the numbers are correctly engraved, then we painted the numbers with different colors requested by customers. Some in gold color, some in black color, some in white color, some in blue color. Some in silver color.


Besides engrave numbers, dots, symbols on the dices, we can also engrave flowers, animals, logo, characteristics, letters, names, slogan on customized gemstone items with different shape and size. For example, we engrave names or logo on gemstone pendants. We engrave names on palm gemstones, so customers can send these gemstones with their party anniversary to their guests and friends.


We can also engrave photo or image on gemstones like a solid long term eternal album.   

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