Yesterday, I got an enquiry from a nearby jewelry factory.

She showed me an design drawing of a set of silver jewelry with opal setting. Including 1 finger ring, 2 earings, 1 necklace pendant. All silver with man made opal setting. 
What we do is only supply the opal stone, and set them perfectly on the settings. 
First see the design, there are nearly 50 pcs of opal setting on the 4 pieces. so it must be costly. She agreed with me, and said that they should make this design. so just offer our best price.
I have already much familiar with such crafts, and know the cost. So I told she that the least price should be $0.5/pcs. 
She said the order will be 1300 sets, so hope price can be lower.  it’s not a small order, I discussed with the manager, and promise to offer at $0.45. 
She is satisfactory with the price. so I give her our office address, she deliver the sample to me, then we make the opal cabs in suitable size and shape according to the setting. 
Tomorrow, it will be ready. hope to make them satisfactory again with the setting work. 
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