Engagement is a special occasion which connects two people and is one of the most memorable moments in everyone’s life. Engagement ring plays a vital role in this ceremony and the ring is known for representing the undying love between married-to-be couples. With an aim to make this event more special, you must take even minute detail with high consideration. What attracts the couple is the selection of engagement ring. Depending upon your choice and budget, you can find a variety of rings available in different shape, size and designs.

Different types of gemstone engagement rings :

Gemstone engagement rings have gained high popularity these days. They are in huge demand because in the current situation they are most beautiful and affordable as compared to diamond jewelry. You can find them in huge variety of designs and patterns. Also, a combination of a number of different colored gemstones adds to the beauty of the rings. In case, you are looking for an alternative for diamonds, then emerald is the best option for you. Emerald is a beautiful stone that is green in color and also available in different shades.

Furthermore, blue sapphire is an outstanding stone known for its hardness and durability. This stone is less available than the diamonds and also looks equally beautiful with different settings. Also, pink sapphire is a popular choice. It is available in variety of shades varying from hot pink to pale pink. If you are looking for something fascinating, you can opt for purple sapphire. It is said that purple sapphire changes it color on the exposure to light. You will be surprised to know that this stone even can give the appearance of two different stones due to reflection of light.

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