Here are some tips to choose the most beautiful engagement ring for the love of your life.

Go Gemstone!
Traditionally, people associate engagements or wedding rings with diamonds because a diamond is considered as the most precious gemstone. However, diamonds are very expensive and the mining of this precious stone seems to be happening under a lot of political and human turmoil. So, wouldn’t it be a better choice to choose a less expensive gemstone that has a cleaner image for your loved one? Many celebrities around the world are switching to gemstone engagement rings to break away from tradition. Hence, make your proposal or engagement a very special occasion by selecting the most stunning gemstone engagement ring for your fiancée-to-be.

The Right Gemstone
Now, that you have decided to go for gemstone jewelry, the first step is to choose the gemstone that will be the centerpiece of your engagement ring. Is it going to be the precious emerald, sapphire or the semi-precious amethyst, turquoise or jade? The selection of the gemstone is indeed the most difficult part of buying these rings. You can adopt one of the following ways to select your gemstone. 1. If you already know what your fiancee-to-be’s favorite color or gemstone is then your problem is solved. Select the gemstone that he or she likes or select the one that closely matches his or her favorite color or the color of the engagement dress. 2. The other alternative is to choose a gemstone based on what it symbolizes. For example, ruby or red garnet is a great choice because its red color symbolizes love or passion. Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, aquamarine stands for harmony and so on. Therefore, select the gemstone that best describes your relationship. Finally, your budget also greatly determines what kind of gemstone you can afford. However, it would be wise to do your homework on the prices of gemstones – precious or semi-precious and decide on your budget. If you would like to buy a not-so-expensive gemstone engagement ring and save the money for your wedding, then that is a wise choice as well.

The Right Size, Shape, Fit and Ring Material
After choosing the gemstone, you must choose the best size, shape and cut of the gemstone you are looking for. Choosing the right size and shape is important as you will make sure it suits your loved one’s ring finger well. Moreover, gemstone jewelers may have engagement rings with different cuts and shapes of the same gemstone. So, you must select the right one based on the sensibilities of your loved one, besides taking into account the person’s attire and accessories for the event.

So, if you are interested in purchasing gemstone engagement rings at affordable prices, look for reputed online jewelry store.

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