If you desire to own an ethnic look then the beaded gemstone jewelry is the best one. There are some facts that you should know before buying this kind of jewelry. There are basically following types of gemstones, which you can consider to buy.

Natural Gemstones : These are naturally occurring stones, which are extracted from the earth. Depending on their rarity, quality and popularity, the value of these gemstones are determined. Some of these stones include topaz, garnet, amethyst, turquoise, sapphire, emerald, etc.

Synthetic Gemstones : Being almost similar in appearance, color and features to natural gemstones, these are made artificially in a laboratory. These include cubic zirconia, corundum, spinel, synthetic opal, synthetic emerald, etc., and are relatively cheap.

Imitation Gemstones : These are produced to look like a natural gem and generally consist of glass, plastic, resin, dyed color, etc. These can be easily noticed and are cheapest of all.

Composite Stones : These are basically a combination of natural gem and glass. The glass is treated with a thin film of original stone with the help of a color bonding agent.

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