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Red Carnelian Doublet Oval Cabochon 19*28mm

SGJ GEMS » Red Carnelian Doublet Oval Cabochon 19*28mm

Red Carnelian Doublet Oval Cabochon 19*28mm

$6.20 $1.50

18*25*8 mm Red Carnelian Oval doublet Cabochon. MOQ:100 pcs.

$6.20 $1.50

Product Description

Red Carnelian Oval Doublet Cabochons, 28*19*9 mm, Calibrated Oval Cabochons.
This cabochon is doublet, very small curve at the bottom, almost flat, and it was very perfect setting with hollow ring setting, pendant setting.

And you can see that, on the top, the dome is high edge, and low dome with small curve at the top.
we have 2 other sizes available for this same shape.

Stardard Oval Shape:
Small Size: 15*20*9 mm
Medium Size: 18*25.8*11 mm
Large Size: 19*28*12 mm

Long Oval Shape:
Small Size: 15*22*9 mm
Medium Size: 16*26.5*11 mm
Large Size: 17*28*12 mm

High Edge Low Dome Doublet Oval Shape:
Small Size: 15*20*8 mm
Medium Size: 18*25.8*8.5 mm
Large Size: 19*28*9 mm

Also, this shape and size also available in grey agate doublet oval calibrated cabochons. and can be customized production in other semi precious gemstones.

Additional Information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 28 x 19 x 9 mm
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