In the new year, due to the economic slam in the world, the business is not as good as year 2008.

Especially in gemstone and jewelry business field, most of our friends complained about this. 
Fortunately, it seems till now, we are less effected. just the shop revenue become less, we have to pay for almost $1500 rent for the shop. on Liwan plaza.
Now today, we have shipped the goods of French customer, who ordered from us the cabochons, donuts, and beads.
samples of Singapore customers, who ordered for the blue lace agate cabochons of custom design. 
And orders of brazil orders are in production, there are so much diversified products for this order, 
we have to purchase 13 type of stone materials, and change many different tools on the machine to pre-shape. 
order for stone eggs are cutting, and will arrange for shipment soon.
order for flower and birds carvings are in production, this weekend the carving will come out. hope it will be a big surprise to this client. 
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