Welcome to SGJ GEMS-Professional China Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer.

Super Natural Gemstone Jewelry Co.,Ltd (Previously Named Super Natural Gems & Jewellery Co.,Ltd),Which is professional in natural gemstone products manufacturer and wholesaler for 14 years since set up in August 01.,1997.

We are proud for our tailer made gemstones products, customer design, designer cabochons,freeform cabochons, calibrated cabochons,925 sterling silver gemstone jewelry. and have served world wide reputed fine jewelry companies and fashion jewelry factories for 14 years. Including supply gemstone parts for several local market luxury brand.

We currently produce creative style products as follows:

1. Semi-Precious Gemstones& Precious Gemstones — Loose Gemstones, Color Gemstones,Cut Gemstones, Facet Gemstones, Brilliant Cut, Concave Cut,

2. Semi-Precious Stone Beads, Pendants,Tumbled stones.

3.Cabochons for Jewelry– Cabochon  Cutting, Designer Cabochons, Freeform Cabochons,  Calibrated Cabochons

4.Gemstone Jewelry,Semi precious gemstone jewelry –Beads jewelry, beaded necklace,handmade jewelry,jewelry supplies, jewelry components, beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets,beaded earrings,pendants,

5.Gemstone Carvings (figures carvings,animals carvings), Gem Spheres, Gemstone Eggs, Pendulum,Massage Wands, Pyramids, and Crystal Points,Crystal Clusters.

6.Customer Design and lapidary cutting service. Brilliant cut, cabochon cut, concave cut, checker board cut, tailer made beads, tailer made cabochons,tailer made pendants,etc

We have quality guarantee to all our customers:

1. 100% genuine gemstones and semi precious stones.

2. 15 days money back if there are any quality problems.

3. Rapid delivery.

4. Low MOQ,Large variety of products for mix order.

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