For domestic market, inflation has very big impact on the consumer decision. Daily life cost such as food, clothes, living, and transportation expense occupied most of the citizen income. So the budget on jewelry is very limited for most people. That’s why imitation jewelry and zinc alloy jewelry, fashion accessories and dollar shop are very popular. Lowest price with good quality is the main competitiveness.

Lapis Lazuli has a big jump soaring price in the past 2013, the good color lapis lazuli sell at crazy price, which is even higher than malachite, and nephrite, and Russia jasper. AA Grade quality Loose lapis lazuli stone cabochons and pendants price is 10 times higher than the previous year. Also the rosary beads bracelets and necklaces.

The jewelry market is growing very fast in China. Colorful gemstones and semi precious stones are becoming more popular in Chinese consumers, which takes higher portion in consumer jewelry purchase. Now there are more colors brought in daily jewelry wearing such as garnet,lapis lazuli and Russian amazonite, Nephrite.

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