Jewelry without any doubt is the first and foremost love for each and every woman on this earth. Over the years, it has encountered some significant changes in terms of designs, styles and fashion. Jewelry designs also change depending upon the country, thus jewelry available in India will be completely different from the jewelry design of China. Complete range of jewelry in China comprises of loose gemstones, cabochons, wholesale jewelry beads, charms and pendants, sterling silver jewelry with gemstones and semi-precious stones, silver rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, tie bar, brooches, hair jewelry and many more. These are distinguished in design and have their unique attitude towards wearers. Extensive collections of jewelry in China can suit individual taste, need, occasion and requirement of every female that can be bought at wholesale price.

Significance of wholesale jewelry in China

The business of wholesale jewelry in China is quite popular across the globe. Chinese have become enrolled into the practice of outsourcing the cheapest wholesale jewelry in today’s world. With the finest craftsmanship, they have delivered a lot to the jewelry industry. Jewelry has been carefully and intricately designed by keeping in mind the modern style statements and traditional understandings. The great and adorable collections of wholesale gemstones involve turquoise, onyx, amber, opal, amethyst, topaz, jade, jasper, agate, moonstone, lapis, malachite and many more. All the entire jewelry items are genuine in quality and come with international standards of authenticity. These are ideal to gift and make a special one feel all the more special. One can easily deal with the cost of customs documentation and shipping while dealing with costumer friendly Chinese jewels. The wholesale jewelry in China is freed from any advertising expenses, costs of maintaining the brick-and-mortar store and other limitations.

Historical significance

The history of jewelry making in China goes five thousand years back in the past. Chinese earrings made from silver, jade and pearls are adorned with happiness symbols, dragons and other Chinese signs. Previously, women used to wear a gold band on the forehead, a tiara or some other types of headdresses. In past, temple and coin pendants, necklaces, pectorals, bracelets and rings were also worn by women. An amulet was considered as a pivotal piece amongst the people of Chinese. It has high aesthetic value and was believed to protect its wearer from evil powers. A Chinese symbol or a representation of dragon was depicted on these amulets. Chinese Imperial Jade was regarded as a status symbol and a talisman. Its combination with diamonds gave a symbol of beauty, grace, dignity as well as morality.

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